12MD325 Modular Battery

12MD325 Modular Battery
12MD325 Modular Battery

12 Volt Series 4000 325 Amp Hrs. Modular Replaceable Cells 7 year Warranty

Instead of wrestling with a back breaking 200 pound battery, Rolls Battery Engineering provides a modular design which allows you to disassemble the battery into 6 easily managed 33 pound individual cells and then reassemble it in the boat. Takes less than an hour in most cases and all you need is a 1/2" wrench. Now you have a 325 amp hour battery in the same space as 2 group 27s. Always observe battery safety precautions.

Weight 200.00 lbs
BCI Group 2-GRP27
Model 12 MD 325
Amp HR 325
Reserve 650
Cold Crank 1350
Dimensions 18 1/2 x 15 1/16 x 11 1/16
Price: $1,185.30


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