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Dedicated Water Generator for Cruising Yachts

Producing electricity on passage is an increasingly major consideration for the cruising yachtsman. With on-board refrigeration, autopilot, radar and many other electrical appliances, typical power consumption when under way can be around 200 amp hours per day or more.

D-400 wind generator

D-400 output graph


Current price is $2295.00 (+$99.00 shipping and insurance to the lower 48 states) including regulator, diversion load, brake switch, fuzes and installation manuals. Because the British Pound is at a low exchange rate, we are passing on this savings to our customers for as long as these favorable rates last. Price is subject to change without notice, so don't delay.

For someone that is already convinced that you need one of these units but the budget is a bit tight we have a 24V unit that has been rebuilt with the full kit for $1995 and a full 1 year warranty. Hurry, it won't last!

What is the Advantage of the D-400 Over Other Wind Generators?

The D-400 is a wind generator, designed for a variety of marine, rooftop or terrestrial applications. It is exceptionally quiet and vibration-free in operation, qualities that are of paramount importance for any wind generator operating in close proximity to people. 

The D-400 features a powerful 3-phase alternator, and computer-designed rotor blades optimized for low speed and very quiet user-friendly operation.

This innovative machine is extremely efficient in low wind speeds, yet is capable of sustained high power outputs of 500 watts and more in higher winds (see Cameron Murray's comments below).

Distinctive and elegant in design, the D-400 is superbly engineered for long, trouble-free service, and is available in either 12, 24, 48 and 72 volt variants.

Typical D-400 Output
10 knots wind speed produces 40 watts
15 knots wind speed produces 120 watts
20 knots wind speed produces 190 watts
25 knots wind speed produces 280 watts
32 knots wind speed produces 400 watts


NOTE: These figures are representative of performance at sea level when operating in an open, turbulence-free site.

Link to D-400 users manual;

Compare D-400 Output in 15 Kt. Wind With Some Other Wind Generators *

Aquair,  wind mode 3 amps, D-400,10 amps. 

Ampair Pacific 100 < 2amps  D-400,10 amps

Aerogen, less than 1 amp D-400,10 amps

AirX Marine, 3.5 amps, D-400,10 amps

* From manufacturers published sources at 12 volts

See Some Comments From Our Customers:


You too can install a wind turbine on your transom for reliable, added battery charging!

Here are some examples;

 WandererWandererWandering Dolphin

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