D400 Parts

D-400 parts:

Parts prices are increasing Jan. 1 2017 so order now to SAVE!

Blade, Part # 10028A

Nose Cone, Part # 10165

Brush Replacement Set, Part# 80077

Hub Plate Ring Bushings and Fasteners Part #10579

Aluminum Magnet Spacer Upgrade Set.  Replaces Plastic Spacer Part # 90222 Includes shims and Fasteners

Main Shaft, Part # 10029

Main Shaft Bearing and Seal Kit, Part # 80078

Yaw Shaft Assembly with Brush Slip Rings Part # 90073

Rectifier Kit, Part # 80125

Yaw Bushing, Tower Liner with Screws, Part # 10278B

Tail Assembly with Fasteners, Part # 90074

D-400 Parts

D-400 Parts

Part #
Price USD
D-400 80085 Hub fasteners - 7 x M5 bolts that secure the hub and blade roots axially. Includes nuts and washers. 13.54


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