ProMariner - Technautic - Battery Chargers

ProMariner - Technautic

C3 Intelligent Self Calculating Absorption / Conditioning Mode;
     The ProNautic automatically programs charge/conditioning time based on discharge state of batteries, resulting in a 100% charge while desulfating batteries and extending battery life.        

C3 Automatic 10 Day Re-Condition Mode; Added conditioning to maximize battery life.           

Fully Automatic Wide Range Global AC Input; 95VAC to 250VAC 50/60hz.

ProNautic Battery Chargers
Model Specifications Price
1250 12 Volt DC - 50 Amp w/remote $ 516.00
1260 12 Volt DC - 60 Amp $ 499.00
1250 12 Volt DC - 50 Amp $ 429.00


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