ProTech i

ProTech i

The ProTech i-Series is designed to deliver performance and value by employing proven advanced electronic technology with added innovative styling and features like: wide range global AC input, user programmable battery type selector and active battery balance control on select models. 

Remaining stock priced to sell;

3 only ProTech i 12 volt 10 Amp $135.00

Fully Automatic Multi-Stage Charging;    4 complete stages, for fast charge times, conditioning, maintenance of each battery & dockside power supply mode
User Programmable Battery Type Selector; For use with Flooded Lead Acid, AGM and GEL batteries
User Programmable Conditioning Mode; 1 to 4 Hours    
Fully Automatic Wide Range Global AC Input; Select 95VAC — 250VAC 50/60Hz
Built In Safety Ignition protection, over temperature, over voltage and reverse polarity protection


  • Output Voltage 12,   
  • Output Current 10 amps, Banks 2, 
  • AC Input 95-250 VAC,     
  • AC input frequency 50-60 HZ
  • Size L x W x H 10" x 6.188" x 2.875" Product Weight 4 lbs


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