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SeaSafe Isolation TransformersSeaSafe Isolation Transformers, provide complete isolation of your boat's on-board AC system from shore power. Protects your boat from stray current corrosion and your self and your neighbors from dangerous or fatal electric shock.

Alternating Current on board a boat is dangerous! Several deaths are reported each year from swimmers entering an electric field caused by leaking shore power seeking a path to ground. So to help protect not only persons on board from dock wiring errors resulting in polarity reversal or a faulty appliance but also persons swimming in the water near the boat. Install an isolation transformer today! 

A SeaSafe Isolation Transformer;

Isolates your vessel AC from shore power.

Protects your zincs and underwater fittings from stray current destruction.

Corrects dangerous or fatal reverse polarity.

Minimizes electric shock hazards

Is easily installed.

An isolation transformer provides a measure of safety not available with a direct shore power hookup.  In brief, the incoming shore power creates a magnetic field in the primary winding of the transformer, which is transferred to the secondary winding.  At no time is there a direct electrical connection between shore power and on board AC. It is nearly impossible to get shocked unless contact is made with both of the load side conductors. If, for example, in a direct shore power system a fault occurs such as a short or water in an appliance the neutral conductor can become energized and create a lethal condition.

This condition is far less likely in a correctly installed isolated system.

Further, as there is no direct connection to shore power ground, stray current from other sources, such as a leaky conductor in a neighboring vessel, can not enter your boat via the green wire and attack underwater fittings and thru hulls, a not uncommon cause of sinking.

Polarity Reversal, i.e. the hot and neutral being switched in a directly connected shore power cord or a marina shore power system is a highly dangerous condition, not only on-board, but in the water surrounding the vessel.  In short, the current will enter the water through the now hot neutral to ground connection and can cause death by muscular depolarization and subsequent drowning to someone swimming near the boat. An isolation transformer can prevent this highly dangerous condition, as well as adding safety and galvanic isolation (corrosion protection) on board.

SeaSafe Isolation Transformer

SeaSafe Isolation Transformer

Protect yourself, your boat and your neighbors

Install a SeaSafe Isolation Transformer!


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