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LED cabin light bulb replacement Made in USA!. 
The Brightest output LED system, pleasing color, broad focus, very low battery draw.
No RF or VHF interference.

$36.95 with one adaptor.

ProTech i

ProTech i

The ProTech i-Series is designed to deliver performance and value by employing proven advanced electronic technology with added innovative styling and features like: wide range global AC input, user programmable battery type selector and active battery balance control on select models. 

Remaining stock priced to sell;

3 only ProTech i 12 volt 10 Amp $135.00

Paneltronics Breaker Panels

DC 4-Position Toggle Switch Panel
DC 6-Position Toggle Switch Panel
DC 8 Position Circuit Breaker Panel
DC 3 Position Circuit Breaker Panel With Indicator
AC 3 Position Circuit Breaker Panel with 30 AMP
AC High AMP Two Pole Circuit Breaker Panel
DC 5-Position Lighted Rocker Switch Panel
AC Source Selection Panel Shore

Various Paneltronics Panels on Sale!

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Catalytically recombine the hydrogen and oxygen to pure water and return it to the battery cell, greatly reducing the amount of water used and greatly reducing the risk of a hydrogen explosion. Because electrolyte is not carried to the exterior of the battery, corrosion is eliminated...


Hoyt Meters

AC and DC Voltage and Current Panel meters



Certified Hydrometer with built in thermometer

ProMariner - Technautic - Battery Chargers

ProMariner - Technautic

C3 Intelligent Self Calculating Absorption / Conditioning Mode;
     The ProNautic automatically programs charge/conditioning time based on discharge state of batteries, resulting in a 100% charge while desulfating batteries and extending battery life.        

C3 Automatic 10 Day Re-Condition Mode; Added conditioning to maximize battery life.           

Fully Automatic Wide Range Global AC Input; 95VAC to 250VAC 50/60hz.



3 bank 15 or 30 amp water tight charger. Mounts in boat, Completely automatic. Charges 12, 24 or 36 volt systems.



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